Financial Crisis Bail Out

I personally do not believe that a 85 billion dollar financial crisis bail out or whatever figures Congress comes up with, will help out the common person or the current crisis. Think about it! Do you really believe that the real interest now is in yours or my well being? Face it corporate greed and misappropriation by the major financial institutions has caused the current financial crisis. Every executive was in it for the short term. The name of the game seemed to be "Get in, get what you can steal legally, and get out. Then move on. (Wash, Rinse and do it again.)

I worked for an industry my entire life and was one of those annoying people that believed you could get out of a career what you put into it. In some cases that may still be true but they are few and far between. My industry was taken over by a group of scoundrels in 1998. I watched powerlessly as it was rapped and pillaged by those executives that learned to answer to a board of corrupt directors. The only thing that mattered was how they made their numbers to gain their bonus. Company longevity be damned, employees be damaged and even customer service be damned, just make that bonus and get those numbers for the board. Do I sound bitter? Yes! Am I bitter? Yes! The point is, you should be too!

Here is a thought! Osama Bin Ladin targeted our financial market twice and caused thousands of innocent lives to be lost. According to Bin Ladin himself he did this to destroy America's economy. What Osama missed was the fact that he did not have to do anything! The greed and corruption in our own system did the job for him. Think about it! These corrupt, greedy corporate executives most likely look at Bin Ladin's attacks as an opportunity to get their hands further into the country's economic cookie jar. I am by no means making light of the attack on the world trade center or the twin towers. They were cowardly and deplorable acts of terrorism. My point is the financial and corporate terrorists that caused the past and current financial crisis should be deal with in no less swift and decent manner than Bin Ladin. Why reward their actions. Do we really believe that the same people that are responsible for this travesty are not already looking at ways to profit from a bail out?

I know the congress has to do something to stop the slippery slope into recession or even worse depression. I just do not think giving more money to the geniuses on Wall Street and in the financial institutions that have already demonstrated their trustworthiness is an answer. One more small point if I may. How is raising the FDIC from $ 100,000 to $ 250,000 help you and I. Maybe you have $ 100,000 to put in the bank but I know I never will.

Source by Bud Lyons

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