Financial Intelligence

Who said said "ignorance is bliss" was really ignorant; ignorance is harmful and deadly. I'm not sure how anyone can find bliss from something so tragic. If you drive a vehicle and you do not know the condition of the vehicle, you should expect tragedy. Because of ignorance, people have died from petty illnesses that they could have avoided. Ignorance is risky and dangerous. Ignorance can not be a valid excuse for failing to live a meaningful life. There is so much information available these days in all fields of life, it is even called 'the information age' and most of it is free. Anything you want to do has already been done by someone else and shared their experiences and clues on how to go about doing it in books, internet, TV documentaries and magazines. So ignorance is a choice. But you have made your choice against ignorance because you are reading this book, so definitely ignorance is not your problem.

Does Money really matter?

The role of money in accomplishing worthy goals is very important. Money is at the center of all areas of our lives especially in achieving worthy dreams. Without money your whole purpose journey becomes a stressful debt journey or a rat race for life. Lack of it can halt your dreams, frustrate your plans and even discourage you to quit good efforts. You simply do not want to be in a position where you lack money. Big companies close down and forfeit good visions due to lack of money. However, you can not be in lack if you organize your financial skills and organize your knowledge of money. Robert Kiosaki the Author of Rich Dad poor Dad says people experience financial failure because they do not know how money works. Debt problems, lack of money and cash flow crises can ruin your success in all areas of life. They can destroy your dreams, spoil your marriage, even frustrate your relationships. People with better understanding of how money works are better prepared and able to avoid cash flow issues. People with poor understanding of money are forced to spend best years of their lives in the rat-race, working hard for money, living from hand to mouth, facing debts, trying hard to make a living instead of pursuing their dreams. Money is very important, as the book of Ecclesiastes states; "Money is the answer to all things". (Ecclesiastes 10:19) So having enough money is critical to help you achieve your goals. Not having money is a result of bad planning and ignoring the four key laws of money:

  1. Living below your means or income
  2. Tithing (Give 10 percent of earnings to charitable means).
  3. Saving at least 10 percent of your earnings.
  4. Giving money as seed, expecting returns (Law of seed and harvest).

When these money laws are ignored, there is no doubt that sooner or later one will find themselves in a financial ditch, unable to live a larger life.

Source by Oscar Bonga Nomvete

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