Finding Reliable Penny Stock Research Online

Ask any seasoned investor what the key is to making smart investment choices and, without hesitation, they will tell you research. Sure, it can be fun to play a hunch or a hot stock tip from your cousin's best friend's brother, but if you base your entire investment strategy on the tip of the day, you'll soon find that you have very little in the way Of money left to invest. If you have decided to dabble in the world of penny stocks and you have been searching high and low for reliable research on which penny stocks to watch, there are a handful of websites that make it their business to alert you when a real penny stock investment Opportunity is available.

First off, The Motley Fool is one of the easiest financial websites to read and one of the most accurate. A recent study showed that their stock tips, research and advice was just as accurate as other, better known sites. Not only does The Motley Fool have major sections dedicated to financial news, blue chip stocks and market reports, but they also have a regular feature focusing on penny stocks, or stocks valued at under $ 10 a share. What makes this penny stock report better than most is that all of the stock recommendations given are well researched and backed by financial news reports. Of course, that does not mean that a penny stock tip from The Motley Fool has no risk, it simply means that the chances of an increase in stock price are clearly outstanding for all to see. If you are searching for penny stocks to watch, The Motley Fool is a great place to start. is another highly respected and well researched website for information and tips on penny stock investing. The good people at have earned such a sterling reputation, their research often appears on other, larger financial websites on a regular basis. This website does a great job of explaining the risk and reward that comes with investing in penny stocks. It backs all of its recommendations with research and breaking news, but also makes a point of explaining that no investment is guaranteed, even with positive research and news backing it. If you have been searching for a service the experts themselves use to glean information on the rise and fall of penny stocks, check out for the latest news and information.

If you perform a simple Google search for penny stocks, the first site that comes up is, and there is a reason why. With an attractive layout, sound advice and a bit of humor, does a great job of informing the public on which penny stocks to snap up and which ones to avoid. Financial news is updated throughout the day here and there have been more than one major penny stock that has been introduced here that turned out to be a big winner.

While none of the above sites can be considered perfect, as a group, they provide a great place to do your research before you run out and buy the penny stock of your dreams. Thanks to these great sites, you no longer have to search for penny stocks to watch any longer.

Source by Brent Crouch

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