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Trading Forex can be a fun and exciting way to supplement your income or be your stay at home job. The problem that most people have is that they have little education or no strategy when it comes to trading on the foreign currency exchange. So you're a little smarter than the rest. We will learn what the forex is and how having a trading strategy can help you make money instead of lose money.

Forex is short for foreign exchange market. This market is similar to the stock market in a way that you either buy or sell. The difference is that the Forex market is on a larger scale, much more volatile and much more liquid than the stock market.

Forex market is traded 24 hours a day, about 6 days a week. This means that you can trade just about any time that you want. Forex market trades in the trillions daily. This dwarfs stocks. In forex since so much money is going in and out of the market, the market becomes volatile and liquid at the same time. This unique combination only found in the Forex allows you to buy and sell contracts at an instant, because there are ALWAYS people willing to buy and sell currencies.

The predictability of the currency movement is not exact. It will never be exact. All you need to be able to make money is to be sure your indicator (s) is above 50% accuracy and you are managing your money properly. This is a little better than flipping a coin. Setting your risk to handle your accuracy is a common thing to do so you are not feeling like you are gambling your money away.

Most professionals rely on robots to trade for them either solely or as a supplement when they are trading. All these robots need to do is follow the indicators that have been created for them and proven to work. They also keep track of how much risk you are willing to take and you allow them to trade for you.

There are two types of robots. One type of robot, literally tells you when to trade. You let the robot run, and you place manual trades based on what the robot tells you is going on in the market in the near future. This one is good to have as a reference, but is not really worth the time to have a robot for.

The other type of robot and my personal favorite is one that looks at the markets and finds opportunities to make profits using financial indicators. This one takes it one step forward and actually places a trade for you.

Whether you want to use this robot to supplement your trading or do all of your trading, it is a great tool to use while you learn more about Forex trading.

Source by Tony B. Jones

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