How to Win At Trade Shows

Trade shows are your chance to double your market overnight – or go home empty handed. In many industries, trade shows are one of the few events where massive numbers of potential customers will be concentrated all in one place, in a mood to buy – or at least listen to your message.

But just showing up at a trade show with a great product does not guarantee you any kind of results. There are many aspects to trade show success, but we want to focus on one of the simplest yet most overlooked: presentation.

Many companies give all their attention to the pitch and the collateral, both of which matter veryly. The reality is that hundreds of other booths offer products that, to the busy attendee, seem a lot like yours. They will not take the time to hear your 30 second hook or look over your brochure unless you stand out in the first glance. That's where your display and booth setup come in, and in many ways it is the first (and therefore more important) impression you're going to make.

That's why use of a slatwall and other professional display equipment is a game changer.

A slatwall is a modular booth structure made for optimum display area. It fits onto a base sized for standard booths and can be reconfigured as a simple backdrop, a wrap around display or a walled room to give your booth a more enclosed feeling. Every inch of a slatwall is designed for hanging your brand message, whether that be with oversize display images of individual colonial hung up for perusing.

Slatwalls work well with stand-alone banners and display pieces, but they are also self-contained so that you still have your full display in action if a trade show confines presenters to their booth space. Nothing sprawls out into the aisle unless you want it to.

Many companies try to cut corners by showing up with homemade displays, flimsy stands or nothing more than a table and flyers. In most industries these are the same booths that are passed by. Major buyers are dropped in toward the large, professional booths that clearly have something to offer.

No slatwall or banner will make up for a weak product or a poor pitch. But they act like a marquee pointing to the most serious companies, and if your sales team is ready for the rush they will open the door to serious prospects.

Source by Deniel Benson

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