Issues on Business Intelligence in Telecoms

The imperative need for competitiveness & flexibility in the highly dynamic & competitive telecom market environment, is rendering the issue of business intelligence extremely important.

The market complex

In the modern era, a telecom provider is operating in a highly complex (regulated, internationally linked), fast changing, and extremely competitive environment in which new competitive products and services are launched almost every week. Many market factors are changing frequently (competitors, new entrants, mergers and acquisitions, economic conditions, positioning of competitive products, technology factors enabling new products or value added services, regulatory decisions), thus affecting the market balance and the relative strategic positioning of competitors while producing opportunities.

The internal complexity of telecom business

The complexity of a telecom business is very high, given operations (focusing on some of the most critical process areas) like:

  • Telecom network resource management: a telecom operator has to manage efficiently complex telecom network resources, in order to optimize the telecom service offered: improve the quality of service, reduce the time to order fulfillment, reduce the number of network infeasibilities.
  • Customer relationship management, with a complex product portfolio offered to a complex set of customer segments (residential & business) via a complex organization of Customer Touch Points (CTPs)
  • Partner relations management: a telecom operator is exchanging information on network usage (CDRs) with other operators and may be reselling products of other telco providers. Order management and billing systems of both parties, need to be synchronized.

Modern telecoms business intelligence involves many different subject areas:

  • Customer intelligence
  • Operations intelligence
  • Profitability & Cost structure intelligence
  • Product performance intelligence
  • Pricing intelligence
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Network resource demand, availability & utilization intelligence

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