Microsoft Dynamics AX – Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence and Reporting Solutions for ERP systems like Dynamics AX or any other ERP system in the market should be powered by a true data warehouse and ETL tool that enables you to build OLAP cubes without technical expertise.

In any business or organization, access to information can be critical to meeting personal goals, accomplishing team objectives and achieving overall business success.

However, across the organizational spectrum, from the individual worker to the executive steering overall strategy, people today often feel overwhelmed with information – simply too much of it, stored in too many places, with no efficient processes for pulling it together, extracting what's needed , And making sense of the results.

Empowering people to quickly find and understand the data they really need is the role of Business Intelligence (BI) and Performance Management Solutions (PMS).

Too simple or too complex? Often, BI solutions provide only managed / pre-structured reports that contain the least useful type of analytics data and each different question leads to another report which has to be created by IT or reporting specialists – mostly with a lot of time delay.

However, more sophisticated BI tools are often too complicated for anyone but specials to use or maintain, so only small groups of the organization can use them. And in addition, BI systems often have limited interfaces shared with other desktop productivity tools, it can be difficult to share a work collaboratively on data with others. This is true within the organization and through the entire supply chain as organizations increasingly involve trade partners in key decisions that affect the whole network. So, because many organizations feel forced to build custom BI solutions, cost becomes a significant issue, as does solution scalability and adaptability over time as the organization grows and its technology evolves.

So, how can we get to a BI solutions which is easy to use, fast to implement and not too complex, but can grow with increased needs of the organization? Ever heard of Self-Service Business Intelligence?

My advice is – simplicity instead of complexity. Start with a Data Warehouse and Cube Building tool which allows you to use a drag and drop user-interface to create your ETL (Extraction, Transformation, Load) process with minimal technical expertise, provides you with easy data cleansing features and builds your OLAP cubes In just a few minutes. Use a tool, which is based on Microsoft SQL Server, that will save you a lot of money not only in the initial phase, but also in the long run. As soon as the Microsoft OLAP cubes (using SQL Server Analysis Services) are created, you can choose from more than 200 tools, starting with Excel and adding more sophistication with SharePoint or high-end third-party tools, scale it as you go along.

Source by Herbert Schoenek

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