Reason # 2 Why E-Mini Trading is Such a Great Home Business

In our Reason # 1 article we pointed out how easy it is to trade e-mini's compared to investing in or trading stocks: You never have to do any research. Also, you can very effectively and profitably trade e-mini's with so much LESS money than it takes to be involved in stocks. That brings us to our Reason # 2 Why E-mini's are such a great little Home Business idea: the low start-up cost for trading e-mini's.

All you really need is a good computer and a high speed Internet connection (which most homes already have). And, of course, a little knowledge. If you visit my web site and spend a couple of hours there studying all of the free information I give you, you'll know enough to start practice trading e-mini's right away. You'll find a 'road map' there that carefully lays out for you, step-by-step, exactly what you'll need (tool-wise, ie, software) and how much money you'll need to plan for, once you are ready to open an e-mini trading account and start trading real money. (You can 'paper trade', ie, practice almost for free … for as long as you want.)

I do not think you could ever find any business, let alone a 'home business', that you can learn and prepare yourself so effectively and inexpensively for … with so little operating capital required once you are ready to go. Yet, a home business that you can generate real professional-level income from … even in your first year. And, a business that you can be most effective at by limiting yourself to working it just a couple of hours a day!

I know … this probably sounds like I must be smokin ', but I'm not. I started dabbling in stocks right out of high school, then switched to trading stock options about 20 years ago. In early 2002, another e-mini trader whom I met accidently, asked me if I knew about trading e-mini's. I had no idea what she was even talking about. But what she described to me really caught my attention and interest.

I immediately closed my film production company I'd run for over 25 years … to devote my full attention to my new career – trading e-mini's.

Since then, I've had a daily goal of making $ 500 for myself, spending a couple of hours each morning at my computer. Another great feature – thanks to the Internet, I can do it when I wish … from anywhere in the world!

In my next article …. I'll explore with you the low overhead for e-mini trading. (Reason # 3) why e-mini trading is such a great little home business idea.

Source by Mel Hardman

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