Uranian Astrology Forecast For April 2010, Part 2

I am sure that many of you have noticed the increase of earthquakes in the world, and I am sure many of you have taken in account that Saturn has been transiting back and forth over the cardinal axis. I just became aware of a 7.1 earthquake in China and Saturn is only 15 minutes off 0 cardinal, and Uranus is squaring Hades, and Mercury is getting ready to go retrograde toying with Hades, Uranus, Saturn and the cardinal axis. ( I have described the relationship of Mercury station retrograde and these planets when in my forecast for April 18th) I am sure that the earthquakes will continue and worse as these planets continues to dance together around 0 cardinal. If fact I think they will get worse when Jupiter gets there. Many think that Jupiter makes things and situations better, Jupiter magnifies, whatever, it does not discriminate between good or bad. Jupiter expands it can expand a negative situation as well as a positive one so do not take Jupiter’s positive side for granted.

April 15th has arrived and you have till midnight to file your taxes. Sun will be squaring Vulcanus, a day one can feel one’s oats. And with Venus + Mars = Mercury, you can reward yourself with a date night with either your husband/wife or significant other. If you do not fall into that category, then just have a night out with a friend or co-worker. In this way you will not get caught up in the chaotic news of the day as Mercury + 0 cardinal = Saturn + Uranus. It is going to feel like the Chinese children’s finger device; the harder you pull the more your fingers remain stuck in this contraption.

Friday April 16th, Mars + Nodes = Sun, love is in the air and some of you out there will be inhaling it. This is a planetary picture for meeting a mate. If you are already part of a duo, this would be a good for a romantic date night with you mate. And, Venus will be semi-squaring Kronos, some of you will be preparing for a wedding as many will be awaiting their refund checks. As some sign up for unemployment checks many will be clamoring in protest as to how the government is spending our money, whether it be local or on a national level.

Saturday April 17th. We have reached another Mercury station to go retrograde. I suggest you stay close to home, the chances of one getting stuck in a traffic jam is much higher than normal. On a station to go retro nothing moves. Do not, I emphasis, Do Not buy a car today!

At the same time Mercury + Zeus + Venus + Pluto = Sun. Be very careful where you park your car today, you can get a ticket or have your car towed away. If you park your car in a parking lot or a garage as you go out to dinner, party or attend the theater, you may discover a dent or a deep scratch when you go to claim it after. Your dinner, the theater or party should be very enjoyable. If you are careful you will have a fun evening with friends as the midpoint of Venus + Jupiter will be 22 1/2 to Uranus. Jupiter will also be making a 22 1/2 degree aspect to Neptune, good for music and the movies, bad for paying the check without reviewing it very carefully.

Sunday April 18th. Happy Mercury Retrograde. Mercury will go retrograde at 12 degrees and 38 minutes of Taurus, or 12′ 38″ fixed. 12’38 fixed is semi-square 27’38” mutable, and that means that the Mercury axis of 27’38 mutable + 0 cardinal = Saturn + Uranus, suddenly some unexpected bad news is heard. That news can refer to either a death or a person or of a corporation. Keep checking you email and keep checking the news on line in relation to the foreign financial market as Neptune + Uranus + Venus + Pluto = Sun.

Monday April 19th. Even though Mercury has moved back 5 minutes it is still in its station period and anything new begun at this time will not have a positive outcome and will not be able to be straightened out. Remember Mercury is in a planetary picture with 0 cardinal, Saturn and Uranus. And the Sun + Neptune = Saturn + Uranus, it will be a day that nothing much of value gets accomplished it will be like watching a dog chasing its tail.

April 20th begins with the Sun changing sign, and it will be midpoint the Moons Nodes and the cardinal axis, and Saturn + Cupido = Mars, it looks like mass gatherings for the purpose of demonstrating. At the same time Saturn + Hades = Uranus and with the Mercury axis still involved with this combo, we will hear of more financial problems as we hear of an increase of crimes such as purse snatching and pick pocketing. Sun + Venus = Mercury Spring has spawned thoughts of love, that even though it is Tuesday, a romantic dinner, or a shared bag of popcorn and a rented video will have the same effect. Remember Mercury is still retrograde.

April 21th, Moon’s Nodes + Pluto = Venus, Admetos, do not succumb to pressure by others, altering a situation whether work or personal can come back and bite you in the ass when Mercury goes direct. If offered a new and better job position, research it thoroughly before you give an answer. Venus will be conjunct Admetos, it may not be as good financially as it sounds, especially as Jupiter + Pluto = Uranus. If you want to take the position pick a starting date around or after the mercury station direct. The day will end as the Sun will be midpoint Pluto and Neptune. Be careful to explore in depth all deals presented to you at this time

Thursday April 22nd, the financial picture take a turn and not for the better as Sun + Venus = Saturn and Jupiter + Pluto = Uranus + Saturn = 0 cardinal + Hades. When Saturn and Hades are involved with money planets, Venus, Jupiter and Pluto you have to watch where you money is and what it is doing. Today is not a day to through caution to the wind, but to explore the opportunity to expand your knowledge in that you really have an interest in, as Mercury will be at the midpoint of Venus and Apollon.

Friday April 23rd. The day begins with 0 cardinal + Jupiter = Mercury, everything appears to be good, except that the other planetary picture in the works today is Sun + Admetos = Saturn and Jupiter + Pluto = Saturn + Uranus. The financial news is not to good especially in relation to the housing market. People will still have trouble making their mortgage payments and or selling their homes. Sun + Jupiter = the Venus square Neptune, financial scam will be on the rise. Check all your bills and statements today and count your change when purchasing with case.

Saturday April 24th, Mercury + Mars = Jupiter + Saturn, the financial news today is not good. There could be argument today pertaining to money owed, spent or loaned. Plus Sun + Jupiter = Neptune, be very careful of deception and loses due to thievery.

Sunday April 25th. 0 cardinal + Sun = Jupiter + Hades = Mercury, Mars, stay off the road, in fact I do not recommend anyone traveling today. Mercury and Mars is arguments and it can lead to road rage. The rage can stem from being taken advantage of, and since it is Sunday there is very little to do to straighten out the situation It is a good day to clean out the gutters of your house, or clean out your garage, or just general spring cleaning. Do anything to alleviate pent up anger.

Monday April 26th, has Jupiter + Pluto = Saturn, the financial situation does not look that great today, especially since Saturn and Uranus will be midpoint 0 cardinal and Hades, points to global financial problems. There will be a lot of financial buzz today as Sun + Mercury = Jupiter, and since Mercury is retrograde and Saturn is in the picture, tells us that what we thought was over is back.

Tuesday April 27th, Mercury will be opposite Poseidon, a day for spiritual enlightenment, in other words if you want to figure out the best strategy either meditate or pray before you start your day, that will center you. The Sun + Mercury = Jupiter as Jupiter + Saturn, Uranus = Venus, all eyes and minds will be on the troublesome financial picture. Remember that Jupiter and Pluto still equals Saturn, not good if one has been frivolous, but can be good for those who have been frugal.

Wednesday April 28th. The day begins with a full moon with Mercury conjunct the Sun and they will be semi-square to Jupiter, you could have a good day if you had paid very close attention to what had transpired in the past few days. You can make what you have learned work for you by early afternoon as 0 cardinal + Jupiter = Mars. The day ends with Venus 22 1/2 to the Jupiter 0 cardinal midpoint.

Thursday April 29th. Venus will be 22 1/2 to Hades as 0 cardinal + Hades = Uranus, Please, Please make sure your computer security is up to date and if you do not have identity theft protection and credit card fraud protection from your bank get it. On this date the world will experience an increase of fraud scams, big time, coming from all over the world. At the same time Sun + Mercury = Jupiter, you will be safe if you pay attention to the buzz. For those looking for summer deals look but do not buy or commit to anything. Remember Mercury is still retrograde, (I am your conscience).

Friday April 30th. The day begins with Venus 22 1/2 to Uranus, as Hades + Uranus = Saturn, the week ends with the financial picture not looking to good. At the same time Sun + Mars = Jupiter Hades, we could hear rumblings of job layoffs, at the same time we hear of big bonuses being given out in the world of finance. Sun + Neptune = Kronos, leader, whether it be government or corporate are not being to honest to its constituents at this.

Source by Arlene Nimark

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