Why Business Owners Should Consider a Trade Exchange to Grow

As a business person, you probably created a trading situation at some time. You traded your product for someone else's service. You needed what the other business had and the other business wanted what you had. And it worked out.

But what happens when you want what the other guy has, but it does not want what you have?

Or Worse … You give the other guy your services on trade, and he never makes good on his IOU to you …

A Barter Exchange solves these issues. When your business needs something, and you want to conserve your cash and pay with your goods and services, a barter exchange makes it happen.

First, you will be selling your goods and services to Exchange members and receiving Trade Dollars. Being a member of an Exchange will bring you new business from Exchange members – New customers.

Then, simply use Trade Dollars as a currency to get the goods or services your business needs, without spending cash, with other member businesses. It's that simple …

What are some of the main reasons businesses use Trade Exchanges?

New Customer Base : Attract customers that would not have stepped into your establishment without the ability to spend Trade Dollars

Increased Buying Power : Buy merchandise or services nationally on trade and sell for cash. Offer more to your existing clients!

Conservation of Cash : Take products or services you normally pay cash for – such as pest control, carpet cleaning, employee gifts or incentives, etc. – and use barter credits instead.

Converting Dead Inventory into Profit : Move slow-selling merchandise through the Trade Exchange and convert it into Trade Dollars you can use on products or services you need. Now, merchandise you might have sold for cash at a significantly reduced price can be sold for full retail on trade.

Higher Standard of Living : Enjoy a higher standard of living! Things you may not spend cash on are readily available on trade. Eat out more, go to sporting events, buy jewelry, rent a limousine, etc.

New Cash Business : One of the best ways of advertising has always been "word of mouth" A Trade Exchange is packed with members who benefit from networking, talking, and trading with each other. It's a perfect place for referrals and word of mouth marketing, which extends into neighbors, friends and families who are not members. Members definitely enjoy the cash business that comes their way because of referrals from other Trade Exchange members.

Source by Darryl Gladwin

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